Road trip (Whitby & the North Yorkshire Moors) - part 3!


Part 1 - here! Part 2 - here!

The end of our trip saw us make our way back to civilisation after our walk through beautiful scenery to land on the doorstep of a pub. How convenient! We rested our weary feet over a couple of games of Scrabble and some food, before heading back to the car and driving to my parents house to pick up Lily and Lola.

It was such a great way to spend our weekend, seeing two new places, staying over in a cute cottage and getting away from it all for a little while. We are lucky to have such scenic places only a short drive away. The only problem is that now we want to go away every weekend!

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Road trip (Whitby & the North Yorkshire Moors) - part 2!


Read part 1 here!

We got to our cottage at around 4pm, by which point we were ready for a sit down and, let's be honest, a nap. The cottage was super tiny, but so cosy, consisting of a small living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The owner had kindly left us some milk, fresh bread, free range eggs and beer. Jonathan tackled the beer and we saved the rest for brekkie.

After a nap of epic proportions (I blame all that sea air) we strolled ten steps to the pub over the road for a few drinks and some tea. We were tucked up in bed by 9:30 playing cards and eating chocolate. Bliss!

Our plans for the next day were to make the most of the sunshine and go walking in the moors so after a bacon and egg sarnie and a mug of tea that's just what we did. The owner of the cottage kindly let us park at his house and we used that as the starting point for our walk which took us a couple of hours to complete.

The sun was shining, the sheep were out and the views were spectacular. Our first route took us along a path that hadn't been cleared so at one point we were literally up to our necks in greenery so we doubled back and started another more sensible route.

It was so quiet and peaceful as we made our way up and down the hills and along the country paths. I'd love to move somewhere like this one day....

Not sure this is the right way?! ;)
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Road trip (Whitby and the North Yorkshire Moors) - part 1!


Sometimes we work too hard and forget to make the most of our weekends, so last weekend that is just what we did! Originally we wanted to find somewhere doggy friendly and take Lily and Lola along with us but as Lily has just had an operation on her leg and they've both had a scale, polish and several teeth removed we thought they would have a much better time with my mum and dad, away from the hot weather and walking!

After trawling the internet for somewhere to go and not having much luck I finally found somewhere after looking on Air BnB. We booked a tiny little cottage which was built in the 1790s in the village of Castleton which meant we could spend a day in Whitby and a day on the North Yorkshire Moors.

Whitby was great! I thought I had visited before as a child but neither of us recognised anything so I guess it was our first visit. We walked up and down the pier, took the 199 steps up to the Abbey where we saw snippets of a Dracula play over the wall (we had just missed it, damn!) and walked up to the whale bones to take in the view.

Of course we had to have fish and chips for lunch so we stopped at the Magpie Cafe which was packed even though it had only been open 10 minutes. Luckily they had one table left so we were in! I went for a pot of decaf tea, small cod and chips with a side of bread and butter. Jonathan went for an ale, a large haddock and chips. The fish was such good quality, so white and flaky, and my small size was just right for me.

After fish and chips we had room for something sweet (of course) and found the Teare Wood's ice cream parlour which I was keeping a beady out for after seeing the reviews on Trip Advisor. This is where I made a mistake of epic proportions. They had so many yummy flavours that I panicked and went for mint choc chip which I could have any time. Jonathan got raspberry pavlova and kindly gave me a taste and it was bloody beautiful! I definitely should have tried lemon meringue or pannacotta. Damn it! Anyway the ice cream was beautiful and the man who served us was so friendly. Check it out if you visit.

After a stint on the 2p machines desperately trying to win some Lego for Jonathan (it was never going to happen) we walked round the shops, popping in to look at quirky house stuff and organic smellies, before popping into a fudge shop and devouring a bag of chocolate orange fudge.

After a trip to the art gallery we headed back to the car and drove to our cottage for the evening.

Part 2 coming soon!

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#cheatmeal (Twisted Burger Company).


Recently I have tried to have less of a cheat-weekend-where-I-don't-stop-stuffing-my-face to just having one or two cheat meals a week. So far so good (sort of). I find it easy to be healthy through the week when I'm at work but weekends are when we tend to eat out, have friends over, see family, and it all goes to pot.

After our cycling expedition a few weeks ago we thought about driving to my home city, Leeds, for some dinner but our legs were too weary so we settled on somewhere in Sheffield. Then we remembered Twisted Burger Company at The Harley. We have been twice before so we knew it was a safe bet.

First and foremost, a shout-out to our waitress who was ever so lovely and friendly. But the food was on top form as usual. We tried something new and went for the Jalepeno Business Fries which involve all the toppings you would find on nachos but with french fries instead of tortilla chips. They were out of this world. We shared a big basket of them and I could have ordered another one!

I went for the burger that I always go for.. the 'Return of the Mac'. A pork patty in a brioche bun with a generous helping of mac and cheese (I can feel my arteries furring up just thinking about it but it tastes so damn good!) I really don't know how people can like Ed's Diner when there are places like this around. If you are local and haven't been, what are you waiting for? :)

We were seriously stuffed by this point but there's always room for something sweet, so we stopped off at Sainsbury's for a couple of Gu puds which we devoured at home, on the sofa, with a big cup of tea. Bliss!

What's your favourite 'cheat' meal?

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Sunshine and Sangria.


Saturday was one of those days where you sit back and think "aaaah, isn't this lovely?" I don't get to see my sister and her husband very often as they live on the Isle of Man but they were back for a flying visit at the weekend to pick up a new car so they came to see us on Saturday for lunch. My mum and dad drove over from Leeds so the six of us spent the afternoon eating, drinking and catching up in our back garden in the glorious sunshine.

Jonathan made burgers with a mozzarella middle and cooked them on the BBQ. I was on crisps and dips duty, made a big salad and some halloumi kebabs, and made sure everyone was full of Sangria, beer or soft drinks (for the drivers).

Lily and Lola sat patiently under the table waiting for scraps of food to be dropped. Ever the optimists.

My mum is known for making delicious puddings and came armed with a berry pavlova (which was out of this world!) and an amaretto dark chocolate torte which was so rich and creamy. I had a slice of each. Would be rude not to, right?

After food, cake, a brew and a few games it was just me and Jonathan and a mound of washing up. How we managed to use every plate, utensil and piece of cutlery in our kitchen I will never know.

I hope you all had a good one and the sun shone for you?

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Life lately.


Cauliflower pizza! (using this recipe) I had a stab at making one recently and I loved it! I love regular pizza but it doesn't love me, so this is the perfect alternative. It tasted so good and you can add any toppings you like. Will definitely make this again!

Adventures in Sheffield. We have been out and about on the weekends, exploring different areas, looking for cottages and character properties to move to.

Enjoying the sunshine. We have been out in the garden at every opportunity, as have Lily and Lola. It gets too hot for them at times but they love nothing more than to sunbathe!

Patterned trousers. I've been brave, buying three pairs of pattern trousers in the past couple of months. These are my favourite black and white numbers from River Island. I wore them out to tea with Jonathan a couple of weekends ago.
New-but-old workouts. I had a date with my good friend Jillian last night, whose workouts I have neglected for quite some time. I forgot how good (and hard, sweaty, brutal, etc) they are! This one is my favourite. I'd like to build up to doing it all the way through, no pausing, like I used to do.

Putting the world to rights over wine and cocktails, on several occasions!

What have you been up to lately?

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Kallo review and hamper giveaway! (NOW CLOSED)


I have been a fan of Kallo chocolate covered rice cake thins since I saw them gracing the aisles of Holland & Barrett a few months ago. At around 55 calories they seemed like the perfect snack to have stashed in my desk at work for when those chocolate cravings appear (that would be most days then..)

Kallo recently got in touch with me to offer my blog readers the chance to win a hamper full of treats and kindly offered me the chance to try out a few new things too. I don't often see Kallo in the shops, apart from Holland & Barrett, so it has been great to find some new snack ideas.

My favourites are still the rice cake thins which come in milk chocolate (which I had already tried), dark chocolate and also milk chocolate with caramel pieces on which are as good as they sound!

My favourites, apart from the chocolate covered rice cakes, are the smoked paprika flavour which are so tasty and come in at only 34 calories each. I eat them on their own or with some nut butter on. I also really like the salt and vinegar flavour.

My Kallo giveaway is open to anyone from the UK who follows my blog. All you have to do is complete the Rafflecopter device below. It's as easy as that! One lucky winner will receive the following goodies:

Lightly salted rice cakes
Organic unsalted rice cakes
Organic lightly salted rice cakes
Organic sesame seed rice cakes
Corn cakes
Sea salt & balsamic rice & corn cakes
Blueberry & vanilla rice & corn cakes
Belgian milk chocolate rice cake thins x2
Belgian dark chocolate rice cake thins x2
Organic garlic & herb stock cubes
Organic tomato & herb stock cubes
Organic chicken stock cubes
Organic vegetable stock cubes

Good luck!

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