Hair envy


I would like long hair like this.. please.

I made some progress about six months ago. I had grown out a graduated bob and managed to get shoulder length hair all one length, but then I acquired some layers at the front. I didn't ask for them =/ I cried for a week, maybe 2. Sad but true.
I used to get permanent extensions by Great Lengths and they were beautiful.. but at £700 a pop for 4 months that was an expensive habit I couldn't keep.
When I heard about this product by Lee Stafford I had to have it. My boss said I have been sucked in by the name. She is right.

The name gives me hope that my shoulder length hair will have a sudden growth spurt and one day I will wake to find I look like this!

OK maybe not...

The label says to use an egg sized amount (I can't see the tub lasting long!) and it should be left on for 5 minutes between shampoo-ing and conditioning. I used it this morning with high hopes and I wasn't disappointed. It made my hair feel silky and strong, and once blow dried it seemed so much thicker and bouncier.

I'm going to use it every time I wash my hair and see if it carries on improving the condition. But thumbs up so far!

Has anyone else bought this?

V xxx


catsobsessions said...

as you know ive got it, i wouldnt worry about the "egg" sized amount, just used enough to cover your hair, i used mine for the second time todayand im also really impressed!

we can be hair growing buddies!!

ps - will you do my 'what do you look like naked' tag? :)


Victoria said...

@catsobsessions - I didn't use a huge dollop, I need it to last. It was the last one on the shelf! Word is spreading :)

No make-up..for the whole world to see? Argh!


Greta said...

I too am trying to grow my hair out from a bob...uhhh...such a long process...

hazeleyes said...

I REALLY need to try some of this stuff because my hair really doesn't like to grow! :( I would love to have really long hair!


darlingsparkle said...

This stuff looks awesome! I have never seen it before! Can't wait to hear how it worked out! Also love your layout! So adorable! :)

Victoria said...

@greta - yeah it is. I'm determined to do it this time though!


Victoria said...

@hazeleyes - me too. I had super long hair when I was at high school then chopped it all off and it's been lingering between short and shoulder length ever since!


Victoria said...

@darlingsparkle - thank you :)


LauraCassidy said...

Your blog is so cute! I'm definitely following :)

I got a terrible short bob haircut last October and it's only starting to fix itself now. Might try some of this!


Victoria said...

@laura - Thank you so much!

I used the hair stuff again this morning and my hair is soo silky today. It is working miracles! xx

Jen said...

Wow, I have to find this stuff! Thanks for the info!!!

Victoria said...

@Jen - it is pretty good stuff. I used it again today and didn't need to use straighteners coz it was so smooth! xx

Lil said...

I haven't bought it yet but I've heard a lot about it. I have rubbish hair so its definitely on my wishlist!
Keep us updated!

Victoria said...

@Lil - I will do. Used it twice now and can definitely feel and see a difference. Went into Boots today to stock up but there was none left!! Argh.

Lisa Fashionista said...

where do you get this? I think I need it!
My hair is longish already but it's uncooperative and i want it longer. :)

Victoria said...

@lisafashionista - I got it from a shop in the UK called Boots. This is the link;

Not sure if they ship internationally though! xx

Karen said...

Hey Hunny,
i haven't tried Lee Stafford - For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length .. but i sure want too :]
my hair is SLOWLY growing, but I want it to grow at a faster rate.. this product looks awesome I was wondering where did you purchase it and for how much ?

great post xoxoxo

Victoria said...

@karen - I got it from Boots (a UK shop..sorry, not sure if you're in the UK?) and it was around £6.50 which is a bargain coz it's a good sized tub and it is a really good product!

Lorien said...

I actually love the fact that it says an "egg shaped size" because whenever a product says use a "pea shaped size" i use far more! which is probably the reason for the noticable product build up on my hair =/ eep!

Victoria said...

@lorien - i like to use a lot of product too! xx