You've got mail!


What more could a girl want on a Monday morning than to find a parcel on her desk containing....

I L-O-V-E-D this programme in my yoof and I can't wait to watch them all. Jordan Catalano = ♥ (before he went all bloated and weird).


V xxx


Pinklemonade-xo said...

I want to see it!

Its an under eye concealer. Check out my video on youtube. I explain it better on there.

Victoria said...

@Pinklemonade - shall do tonight! Can't get on You Tube at work. Damn work, it's so inconvenient!


Lil said...

Ah I love it!
90s tv shows are where its at. I recently started watching Beverly Hills 90210 boxsets and the fashion is off the chain. Very inspiring.

Victoria said...

@Lil - 90s tv shows are the best. Can't wait to get watching these! I used to bloody love it back in the day!


Being Brazen said...

OMG - I Loved loved loved that show....would love to see it again.

I used to love claire Danes hair and Jordan Catalano

Victoria said...

@beingbrazen - I haven't even started watching them yet but I can't wait! I'm thinking pjs, pizza n sweets, then chill out on the sofa watching these back to back = heaven!!