Guess what I got today...


Yep, I am joining the Twilight club! I loved the film and thought all the hype about the book series must be worth a look!

I still need to finish Marley & Me but I'm struggling. I'm crying at nearly every chapter and I know what's coming so I keep putting off the inevitable.

I've got the Shopaholic series to get through too!

So many books, so little time :)

What are you all reading at the moment?

V xxx


  1. I still havent jumped on the bandwagon! I think i may have too though, idk yet :P
    I just finished reading Jade Goody's last book, VERY VERY sad :(!!

    IDK what i'm going to read next!
    lmk how you get on with this book hun!

  2. Ooh I zoomed through these books! All four in the space of January - March :) they are such a nice read and quite addictive actually :) be prepared to pick these up at any free minute you have!

    I've just bought Dawn French's and Alan Carr's autobiographies to read on holiday

  3. OMG! i love twilight and right now i'm like half way through breaking dawn. Check my blog
    Hope you join!:)

  4. aww thanks! I'm actually in the middle of opening a shop in Hull (not things I've made) but am planning on putting some of my own stuff in, and now you've made me even more confident, thanks!

    I'm reading 'The Secret', I love books about life and behaviour and how people think!

    nicola xx

  5. Yay for Twilight! I am really late on the bandwagon too, only read the first book a few months ago. I am currently a few chapters into book 3 (Eclipse) Saw the movie recently too, I really liked it. I think you will like them! xx

  6. WOOO twilight!! i watched the film a few months ago and cannot WAIT for the second one!! havent really thought about the books though as i loved the film so much...

    im reading Frea norths 'pillow talk' at the moment and love it!! i love free book giveaways with mags in the summer!!

    read katie prices 'crystal' before that and loved that too!!


  7. I havent read any of these yet but my sister has them all so I will gtet round to it, I got the new katie price book called sapphire and Im reading that right now, quite good so far :)

  8. 0oo0o0o0 good on u hun ur going to loveee twilight,and marley and me aww its sooo sad.Im up to Eclipse in the twilight series.goodluck getting through ur books and let us know how u like them tc =D

  9. Welcome welcome Victoria! I look forward to seeing if you get hooked too...I have a feeling you will!!!

    I read the first book in a day and a half and then the rest of the books in a week. Crazy. My poor kids that week. LOL.

    I'm reading Dead as a Doornail, one of the books from the True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse series.

  10. I haven't read the Twilight series yet, but I do own all of the books lol. I have seen the movie, and I MUST see New Moon when it's released.

    And thanks for the comment. I like Cetaphil so far, but my skin is sort of problematic too, so I'll have to see how it continues to work. =]

  11. twilight is amazing!!... i think you should put it at the top of your 'to read list' yep!

    iv got links to two sneak peek clips of the second film on my blog, if you liked the first movie you should definitely check them out

    ... i was hyper for ages after finding them lol.

  12. arrrghh! no no. The film wasn't as good as everyone said. it was just average!! lol!

    At the moment I am reading yours faithfully by Shelia O'Flanagan. It's really interesting about a man whos has gone into a coma and two women claiming to be his wife!

  13. did you try washing the top?
    they normally shrink :)
    && i prefer the twilight books to the film. they're so much better :) xxx

  14. The Twilight books are addicting!! I'm reading the 3rd one right now. I'm also reading Time Traveler's Wife to get ready to see the movie coming out in a few weeks!

  15. Wooh! I love Twilight. I read the books in a week and I just randomly pick them up and start reading random chapters occasionally too. Sure u will like!

    I daredn't read Marley & Me because of the crying thing...

    I am reading a book called The Self Preservation Society atm...quite good so far!


  16. I'm reading Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris. I love the HBO series!!

    I've read half of Twilight, eventually I'll read the rest...I'm a terrible book reader becuz I get bored and distracted even with books that I like--go figure???

  17. The Twilight books are so addictive. I got the whole series and read non stop for like 5 days. Couldn't put them down!!

    I'm reading Far from the madding crowd by Thomas Hardy. Trying to brush up on my classics :)

  18. i'm reading shopaholic abroad it's really good :)

  19. Aw marley and me is soo good sad but keep reading it has good ending. I finished twilight last week loved it! now im starting new moon.
    much love from Ireland xx

  20. Looks like there are a few Twilight lovers. Once you start - you can't stop (you have been warned). I am nearly at the end of Eclipse! :)

  21. To you and all those who haven't read it : DO NOT.
    It is an insult to your brain and you will most definitely lose 10 IQ points while reading about goddamn Edward Cullen. Jacob is pretty funny though.
    I'm reading Possession by A.S. Byatt.
    Oh and, White Stripes are awesome.

  22. @ditzymakeup - i'll let you know if it's any good and if so, you can read it :) xx

    @lydia - i wouldn't mind reading the dawn french one. she is so funny! xx

    @nikole - i will have a looky :) xx

  23. @nicolaticola - who is the secret by? sounds intriguing! xx

    @lolly - i loved the film so i am pretty sure i'll love the book! xx

    @cat - i love freebies too. i have such a long list of books to get through! xx

  24. @becky - i haven't read any of her books.. i just never thought they would be any good! but everyone seems to love them. xx

    @nailzinaus - once i manage to finish marley & me i can get cracking with twilight! :D xx

    @michelle - i always think of you when i think of twilight.. i know how much you love it! xx

  25. @jheneal - i might have to try it. i will try anything to improve my skin! xx

    @rosa - it is rivalling the harry potter books and films for getting me excited! :D xx

    @luc - gosh that sounds like an interesting book! will you let me know if you enjoy it? xx

  26. @sophie-leigh - i tried that yeah but it was still too big :( ah well! xx

    @lily - ohh i definitely need to read the time travellers wife! the film looks so so good. xx

    @girlwiththegoldentouch - i am halfway through marley & me and it is making me cry so much. it's so touching! xx

  27. @mamamishmash - i get distracted too. i have to have total peace and quiet to read properly. xx

    @unetasse - ooh very impressive! i have never read that. xx

    @suzannah - i'm looking forward to starting the series :) xx

  28. @vik - i will keep going! i aim to finish it this week. xx

    @danielle - i know..people are really into it aren't they! xx

    @fabblab - it's a bit of harmless fun! don't take it so seriously. xx

  29. It is an honour that you think of me when you think of Twilight ;-)

    Keep me posted on how you like the books!

  30. i'm reading the time travellers wife. its pretty good so far and has some lovely little poems too :)

  31. @michelle - will do! xx

    @dree - i really want to read that before i see the film! that will be my next book after twilight i think! xx

  32. I think Im gonna start ready the twilight series!! I loved the movie so think im gonna start reading the books!

    I was gonna read marley and me but after seeing the film I decided I'd just cry the whole way through!! lol

    Ive just got the time travelers wife to read too! deffo gonna try and read it before the movie comes out.. books tend to be better I think!

    like you say.. so many books!!
    SJ xx

  33. @essjayarr - the books are always better. although i read the notebook after seeing the film and i liked the film better :) xx

  34. very bandwagon BUT totally worth it! as in seriously some of the most romantic books i've read in a long time.
    atm i'm reading sophie's world (i love abit of philosophy and biblical references in my books, despite being atheist :s)
    & you will totally love the shopaholic series. i can relate so much to her, i swear i just have no idea where my money goes!
    have fune reading!

  35. @clareeloise - i will do :) i look forward to reading a bit of romance! even if it is vampire romance. lol. xx


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