OOTD (sort of) & recent films I've seen


Lily & Lola wanted to show everyone their favourite t-shirts they wear when the weather gets cold. We got them from Islands of Adventure in Orlando, from the Dr Seuss shop. "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" seems very appropriate for them!

Don't they look adorable?
I don't dress them up for enjoyment. They genuinely get cold! Pugs don't do so well in extreme heat or extreme cold, and when it's cold they shiver and refuse to do their business! Bless 'em.
I had a good weekend but I'm so so tired today. The wedding was great; photos coming soon!
I also just wanted to mention a film I watched last week; The Secret Life of Bees. This was my sort of film! I watched it on my own as I knew it would make me cry (this is the girl who cried at the end of Blair Witch Project for god's sake!?). It did make me cry, several times, but it also made me think, made me laugh, made me grateful and made me smile. Check it out, I know you will love it!

On a completely different tangent, I went to see Bruno last night. Oh.My.God. It is without a doubt the rudest film I've ever seen at the cinema. It was very funny in parts, but most of it I was in disbelief at the things he was saying/doing! At the end he could have been killed, seriously! (if you've seen it you will know what I mean!)

Roll on Wednesday, I'm going to see Harry Potter straight from work! :)

What have you seen at the cinema lately? Did everyone have a good weekend?

V xxx


Suzannah said...

woo i'm looking forward to harry potter :D and your dogs look so adorable! i love their tshirts!!

Lisa Jane said...

Awwwwww! They look so cute!
I am going to see Bruno on Wednesday... can't wait!

Sarah said...

Lily & Lola look very cute in their t-shirts :)

I saw The Hangover most recently - LOVED it, so funny and Bradley Cooper is so hot!! I also watched Jane Austens Book Club which I enjoyed. I cannot wait to see Bruno and I think I will add The Secret Life of Bees to my list - I am always up for a good cry!

Looking forward to photos from the wedding :)

Laura said...

I really want to see Bruno, even though I know I'll cringe the whole way through! I loved the book version of The Secret Life of Beas so I really want to see the film...I want to see My Sisters Keeper which was another book I enjoyed, but I know it will make me cry loads! xxx

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I've seen Secret Life of Bees! It made me cry too. I really don't want to see Bruno but I am so excited to see HP!! Me and my brother watched the other 5 HP's this weekend and are going to see it when it comes out - I cannot wait!!!

PS - I am going to London soon and really want to force my friend to go to the 9 3/4 platform you spoke of!!! (It was u I think/hope lol)


hannah said...

omg i love pugs and they are freakin adorable!!

Victoria said...

@suzannah - hp is going to be amazing! i can't wait. xx

@lisajane - you are going to be so shocked and appalled!! lol. xx

@sarah - Secret Life of Bees is one of the best films I've seen in a while. I just genuinely really enjoyed it! xx

Greta said...

Aww...Your dogs are sooo cute in their little matching shirts!!!

Victoria said...

@laura - apparently the film is really close to the book, they have stuck to it quite well. sometimes the film versions of books are totally different which i hate. xx

@girlwiththegoldentouch - wow 5 hp's in 1 weekend? that is impressive! yes that was me, being geeky on platform 9 3/4! :D xx

@hannah - lol, thanks! xx

Victoria said...

@greta - they are cute aren't they, bless them! xx

Luc said...

I haven't been for so long the last film I saw was The Dark Knight.

Is bruno better than borat?? I love borat it's funny. Apparently for some of the people they filmed they parnk people for real. Like in borat at the bed & breakfast? Have you seen it (otherwise I'll be blabbing on about something you don't know.lol) ??

Vik said...

Our pugs pudding and wiggley get cold too! Pudding has a hoody and a water proof coat she actaully likes wearing it cos they keep her warm! Ps secret life of bees is amazing i read the book first and bought the dvd this year, cried my eyes out!
Love Vik.
magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

ohmyskele said...

ooo the lil outfits are sooo cute^^
i have a chihuahua and i always have to put tops and jackets on him as hes like a stick and just sits there if hes cold lol
my bf thinks im a meanie but he likes it!

Victoria said...

@luc - i prefer Borat as i remember it made me laugh hysterically but i can't remember the bit you mention. i watched it on a flight so i might have missed some bits. xx

@vik - pudding and wiggley are the best names!! i love them! i really want a little boy pug called frank. but bf says we have enough already :(

@ohmyskele - it's not mean at all. if they're cold they need a little coat or something :) xx

Luc said...

It was the part where they were travelling accross america and they stayed at a jewish family house and they didn't realize at first but in the night they thought they were these two bugs on the floor and through money at them. lol. Anyway apparently that part wasn't staged :S but some parts were though!!

Aubrey said...

Your pups are adorable.

SweetTea said...

Your puppies are adorable! I have a boston terrier named Lola:) Still searching for a buddy for her:)

Victoria said...

@luc - i'm gunna check it out on youtube to refresh my memory! :) xx

@aubrey - thanks hun xx

@sweettea - Aw bless. Get her a little friend! :) xx

Carly said...

Harry Potter :) x millions..Im so excited haha.

Beautiful little doggies..my 2nd fave dogs!


butterfly said...

I seriously need to get down to the cinema soon, there are so many good films on at the moment. Not surprised Bruno is rude, going by Borat hehe! Hopefully I'll get to see HP soon too..that looks so good :)

Victoria B said...

I feel completly the same about Bruno, I thought it was really funny but sooo wrong at the same time!!



Kim said...

Your pugs are just too adorable, they have such cute faces!
My boyfriend and i bought the thing 1 and thing 2 golfballs and keychains in islands :)

Lily G. said...

Those shirts are so cute!!! I totally want to see The Secret Life of Bees. I heard it was good. I also saw Bruno and thought it was way to over the top and vulgar


Victoria said...

@carly - me too. i will be so sad when the films finish!! xx

@butterfly - i would say it is a LOT worse than borat, lol. it's an 18 whereas borat was a 15 and i totally see why! xx

@victoriab - i can't believe he got away with all the stuff he did! xx

Victoria said...

@kim - aw thank you! <3 Islands of Adventure! xx

@lilyg - totally vulgar! lol. defo see secret life of bees.xx

PinkBow said...

i really want to see bruno, there so many good films coming out soon.

Victoria said...

@pinkbow - yeah there's always about 3 things i want to see! xx

Billie-Jo said...

OMG! those are the cutest dogs ive ever seen in my whole life!

Lil said...

I saw Bruno this weekend too and it was so outrageous! I really struggled with it - it was funny of course, but I really felt uncomfortable for a lot of it!
I'm going to see HP on thursday after work, can't wait.

The best film I've seen lately is the Hangover. IT IS SO FUNNY!! I've seen it twice. And Bradley Cooper is so so sexy xxx

Danielle said...

Oh - you know how much I love the pugs, gorgeous girls! :) I so want to see Bruno although I am sure that I will cringe with embarrasment! The Secret Life of Bees looks good too - albeit sad :( xx

Victoria said...

@billie-jo - lol xx

@lil - i felt uncomfortable for a lot of it too. i was kind of laughing in awkwardness! xx

@danielle - aha yes i know you're a big fan! :) xx

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

I love those shirts! These pics made my day. Such cuties!

You will reach 200 in no time -- and I hope I do too (I'm 10 away as well.)


Hele said...

cute t shirts!!

I read the secret life of bees a few years ago, i had no idea they were making a film, will definitely have to go and see this! Think i will pass on Bruno though, that kind of humour just makes me cringe! Very excited about harry potter, want to see it asap! x

Victoria said...

@michelle - yay for you too! i'm glad the puggies made you smile :) xx

@hele - it's out on dvd now! ch-ch check it out! i think it was out at the cinema last year but i didn't see it advertised or anything :( xx

Shopaholic said...

I think I'm off to see My Sisters Keeper tonight, I keep changing my mind whether to go, I don't like the idea of crying in the cinema!

Your pugs are adorable!!!!!!

Thanks for popping by my blog x

Victoria said...

@shopaholic - i'm definitely waiting for the dvd with that one! i cry at everything and when it's at the cinema it's soo embarrassing, lol.
i love ur blog it's ace! xx

Billie-Jo said...

Yesyes :) Its lovely aint it?
Topshop (L)

Victoria said...

@billie-jo - awesome, yeah its my fave item at the mo :)xx

nicola ticola ponders said...

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH MY GOD!!! look at them in their t-shirts scamping about hahaha, that's too cute!!!

nicola xx


Victoria said...

@nicola - lol. they love their lil tshirts! xx

Phoebe said...

Your dogs are adorable! :D

I saw Bruno.. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I thought HP was a bit of a let down though :/