Weight loss update


After just 1 week of drinking more water and eating less bad stuff (although, I have had pizza for tea 2 nights running) I have lost 2lbs!

Not a lot to some people but it's a good start I think!

I have done no working out whatsoever in the past week. I am a new girl at work and as of yesterday, a new girl at college (tell you more about that soon) so the last thing I've wanted to do is exercise.

Hopefully as I get settled into my new routine I will start to do more. It's just a case of putting time aside to do it and not finding excuses!



Ditzymakeup said...

Congrats hun!
Thats super!

Jo said...

Well done so far, and good luck in your new job and at college! xx

MissDollyGal said...

Congrats! I love losing weight with little effort. I have lost 6 pounds this week but I've had to really work at it. No carbs AT ALL. and only drinking water. I've basically just eaten meat and veg!

Cat said...

Congratulations hun, I'm sure when you have settled into your routine the weight will just fly off!

Yay you!


essjayarr said...

Well done hun thats brill!

You gotta remember when loosing weight sensibly its a marathon not a sprint!

Sj xx


FernLaura. said...

Wow! Well done, its so great your determined, I really should be too but I can't face fruit for breakfast :) LOL its a hard life for us girlies xxx

adubbskthx said...

yayy! just remember to stay healthy!

the first 20 is the easiest. :)


Emma said...

2lbs is really the most you should lose in a week really. Slowly losing weight means it will be more likely to stay off

Cat@catslittleobsessions said...

well done!! to put it in perspective for you, 2lb's is two grande starbucks mugs piled high with fat, so although it doesnt sound much, its actually loads!! x

claire eloise said...

2lbs in a week is great! i wish i could lose that much that quickly. but my will power is non-existant so i pretty much cave in at the first hurdle!

Parisa said...

Congratulations lovely (:! xxx

CocoBella said...

That's awesome!! Keep up the good work hun :)

clemmie said...

Congratulations! I recently started drinking more and I feel so much better for it :) xx

Lisa said...

Well done! 2lbs in a week (especially without exercising) is fab :) A steady weight loss is much healthier than losing it quickly in my opinion so keep up the good work chick! Not that you need to lose it mind! I've been trying to eat a bit more healthily lately, not to lose weight but to just eat better and drink more water. It's not so bad in the summer though as you're more likely to eat salads rather than stodgy food.



Superficialgirl said...

Great work! :)

MJ said...

High five mate, I know how hard it is to lose weight - every little helps, no?


Morena G.Y. said...

That's so good actually.
Drinking water is so amazing for weight loss, AND it's really good for you. Thanks for your comment by the way, sorry it took so long for me to reply! Keep stopping by me please. :)

Victoria said...

thanks everyone!!! i am really pleased. i am determined to keep going with it!

thanks for all your comments and motivation.