Jingle bells.. Jingle bells..


I thought I would share a few makeup and beauty items that are on my Christmas list this year, along with a new pair of Uggs, a coat, a pink & grey Alexander McQueen scarf and a whole host of other goodies! I can't wait!!! :)
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Ever since I visited the Shu Uemura stand to buy my Sister a pair of eyelash curlers for her birthday, I have wanted the 24k gold ones! A little pricey but a good pair of eyelash curlers last for ages and these ones are so pretty!

I was passing through a store once and was given a sample of this on a stick so I put it in my handbag and forgot all about it. Everytime I opened my bag I got a whiff of the most gorgeous smell ever and I knew I had to buy it! It's Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf - check it out next time you're at the perfume counter.

When I had my makeover at Benefit the lady used Coralista on me and I loved it! Such a gorgeous colour.

The original Badgal is one of my favourite mascaras and the new brown version is a much more subtle version with a smaller brush. It looks great against my brown eyes. Perfect for a subtle daytime look.

I'm not getting any younger and I am starting to notice fine lines - argh!! This Advanced Night Repair should hopefully see to those! My Mum goes through bottles of this like it's water! Must be why she looks so youthful :)
I have asked for a few Lush items too.

Ocean Salt scrub
Some bath bombs

Big shampoo
I made a start on my Xmas shopping last night and managed to get most of it in one go. I went to Boots, Lush, Debenhams and Harvey Nichols. I've got cards.. I've got wrapping paper.. I feel so organised this year! Also, it was really quiet last night in all of the shops that were open. It was easy peasy (apart from my boyfriend complaining that Lush was giving him a headache. Teehee).
Now all I need is to think of something to get my Dad. He's so hard to buy for! :)


hannahbabeyxo said...

Im excalty the same I have bought most of my things for everybody and i feel so organised its just my dad its his birthday in the same month and I cant think of anything apart from the usual boxers/socks! Haha


daisychain said...

I love flowerbomb!

my Dad is so hard to buy for, I opted for a bungee jumping bird feeder in the end!

LaurenLouise said...

Hope you get everything you want. Christmas shopping seems to be coming easy and stress free for me too this year loving it. What is it with boyfriends and their 'headaches' in those shops? mine refuses point blank to go in lush or body shop, men!

Phoebe said...

Big is on my list too!
My friend got Viktor & Rolf over the weeekend and i love it. It's jsut so pricey!

Sarah x said...

How about some ugg slippers for dad? super comfy x

Children of the 90s said...

I love Benefit, it's one of my favorite brands. They always have the cutest kits, too.

I'm always a little scared to go into Lush because the scent is so overpowering, even from the outside! I've heard their stuff it great, though.

Tali said...

Great list!!.. am loving the gold curlers.. i always wanted to get them but as my silver ones arent broken.. i feel too guilty buying them! lol xoxo

Em x said...

My god i love flowerbomb, its such a gorgeous smell. Dads are too hard to buy for, i have no idea what to get mine x

suzannah said...

such a lovely list, and those shu uemura eyelashe curlers look so pretty too, and like you said a good pair of eyelash curlers always last ages, and i find usually are better at curling the lashes too. and also what is with everyone who gets headaches in lush! i never do! :)

♥ ChloĆ« ♥ said...

I really want to try Flowerbomb (i'm a sucker for pretty pink bottles lol) Think i'm gonna the regular Shu Uemera lash curlers tomorrow, they're meant to be fab!! :) xxx

Nicole said...

i am getting the ocean salt scrub and big shampoo from lush also !! great wish list :)

Elise said...

LOVE Coralista, thanks for this great post. Have a brilliant weekend

Lucy said...

I LOVE Flowerbomb. LOVE! Ran out of it sadly last year and haven't been able to part with the money (never feels worth it for perfume so rely on birthdays etc to get any). Hope you get some! x

Rogue said...

Its so awesome being super organised eh! :) Cant beat it. Good on you girl! Borders do an amazing assorted pack of christmas cards, 50 for £6. Its a selection of big, little, sparkly, and traditional. Literally just hand picked off their shelves, such a good bargain! So I'd reccomend it if you need a good mix of christmas cards for friends/family/work folk. xx

Rogue said...

I have tagged you for a blog award :) Have a peek on my page and check it out! www.mydollface.blogspot.com
Ayden x

tina_mbc said...

Pretty pretty list!
Hope you get everything on it!
Have fun with the rest of the Christmas shopping!


claire eloise said...

24k gold eyelash curlers?! omg they sound so extravagant, yet oh so alluring! i know whats going on my xmas wishlist! x

Victoria said...

@claire eloise - they only had a few pairs left today! so my mum snapped them up for me :) xx

Beauty Addict said...

Flowerbomb is amazing my favourite perfume! Try the new Extreme version, it is more expensive but lasts all day xx