His & hers.




Georgie Lowen said...

Awesome! my granny sent me a digital advent calendar that is inside a snow globe that is on my desktop screen! It is amazing!


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Emily Charlotte said...

So cute! Do Lily and Lola have little pug advent calendars?!x

Victoria said...

@Emily Charlotte - hehe no, just lots of doggy treats :)

Ayden said...

Auwww! :) great choices! David got ours a bit late from m&s, so he got me a toy story one and a peppa pig one for him! :p he is a big girl really! xx

Ellie said...

It's not christmas if you don't have an advent calender! Love the Peppa Pig, sooo cute! :) <3 xx

Lorna said...

Mmm, they look tasty! I'm glad to hear Lily and Lola are getting lots of nice treats too :-) Check out my contest if you're interested: http://one-haphazard-afternoon.blogspot.com/2010/12/contest.html