I need a decent camera (outfit post).


As mentioned in a recent post I went for some dinner with Jonathan in Sheffield last week and I thought it was a perfect occasion to wear my Chocolate Schubar shoes from Sarenza, along with two new purchases from Primark - a floaty nude shirt from Primark and a long feather/trinket necklace.

I intend to get a proper camera asap. My iPhone is just not cutting the mustard anymore and hates my face when I'm indoors. The camera I've got my eye on has gone up £25.00 on Amazon since I last mentioned it but I've got my heart set on it. So hopefully in a few outfit posts' time the quality will be much better!


The skinny jeans I wore are my faithful Dorothy Perkins jeans (£10.00 in the sale) and the vest underneath is just a Primark £1.50 basic number.

I love these shoes - they are easy to walk in due to the small heel and comfortable too. Plus the ribbon detail is so pretty. I know I'll get loads of occasions to wear these so they were a good pick.


Charli! said...

I love your shoes!! My favourite jeans are from DP I think they do perfect ones :) xx

fashionismyh2o said...

This is a gorgeous outfit :) I love the jeans and the shoes are super cute I can see why they're a favourite!

Good luck getting your camera :)


siberja said...

those shoes are incredibly beautiful.. love them! :)

Milly said...

you look lovely Victoria, your skinny jeans are so flattering on you. I look awful in jeans. Jealous xx

TheOtherSideofCool said...

Really cute outfit, I love it! The shoes are soo sweet!

I really want a decent camera too, but anything half good is sooo expensive. I do love outfit posts on the good ones though, really makes a difference!

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Jodie said...

Awh i love your outfit, you look gorgeous!

Jemma Page said...

Those shoes are beautiful!

A Pocket full of Dreams said...

Looking absolutely gorgeous as per usual :) XX

Carlito86 said...

Gorgeous outfit xx

Ess-Jay24 said...

Very pretty :)Shoes look lovely too!

Abi said...

You look amazing victoria! I love the jeans! xxxx


myheartbeats said...

This is such a cute outfit - really stylish and fun. You look effortless and relaxed :)

I only discovered your blog recently but I'm really enjoying it.


Miss EBlog said...

You look gorgeous, love the shirt xx

Mery said...

I love this look is incredible¡¡ the shoes are fantastic¡¡

ellamarie84 said...

you look amazing, I love everything about it! I am always looking for cute shoes with a lower heel, and those are lovely. I love the look of sky high heels but I simply cannot sacrifice comfort..I'm an old lady like that :)

Cee Harvey said...

cute outfit! xx