Pug Life.


What a difference some sunshine makes. Being able to go for a walk with the sun shining and a slight hint of warmth on my skin makes all the difference to my mood. So that's what we did yesterday. We bundled the dogs and ourselves into the car and headed to some woods nearby for a wander.

We got stuck in the mud, saw dozens of other dogs, not to mention a man being pulled along on a bicycle by two huskies, and Lily and Lola had a good sniff around. It's not often Lily and Lola get to explore new places as they can't walk for very far, so they had a great time barking at other dogs and letting mummy carry them over the mud!

Today has been a lazy day, the best kind of day. Although we did go to the cinema this afternoon armed with a secret stash of sweets and biscuits to see Hitchcock, which I really enjoyed. Jonathan hasn't seen Psycho and the film is based around that time of Hitchcock's life so we hope to watch it next week or next weekend. It's one of my favourites!

Also I have consumed so much carb-tastic food, Mini Eggs, biscuits and cups of tea in the past 2 days (no, make that 2 weeks) that I declare tomorrow the start of actually registering what I put in my mouth!

Hope you all had a good one.

It is indeed!


Mecki Madeit said...

you live in Sheffield - right ??? ;)

Tamsin said...

Lovely photos! It's so true, it's amazing what a bit of sun does. My mood changes instantly. It looks like you had a lovely walk with J & L&L..the tshirt is too awesome! xx

Holl JC said...

These pictures are gorgeous! Sounds like you had a pretty awesome time! Your dogs are adorable, every time I see pictures of them, or you talk about them in a post; it just makes me want a pug more! xxx

abbie webber said...

Love the top! haha

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Jenny Peaowl said...

Awesome t-shirt!
I love the winter but I really wouldn't mind some more warm weather in the UK! :)

Louisejoyb said...

That dress in your first photo is really lovely! The sunshine really does make all the difference, it's so nice to be able to get out for a walk :)

louisejoyb x

Tasha said...

Awwwww, your pugs are so cute!

Vic said...

That t-shirt is adorable! I love taking my pup new places - he gets so excited!! I'm loving this hint of sun we've been having, far better than sleet and rain!

Claire said...

Awww Lily and Lola are adorable, I can't wait for the warmer weather and lighter evenings, it makes dog walking so much more enjoyable for us humans.

Rebecca said...

Looks like you all had a lovely time in the sunshine! I love your pug top! x

Steph B said...

Sounds like such a lovely weekend! Really wish we had woods to take Millie for walks :-( might need to bring her home this summer.
I absolutely love your tshirt, the last photo is great - nice and smiley :-)

Steph xx


StephDreamsBlog said...

Love it :) Some cute photos too, the tee is awesome x

Hannah Cagney Lace said...

Great pictures lovely, your pugs are seriously cute! Love your tee too, you should totally rock that with a real gold chain (jokes!)

Hannah x www.cagneyandlace.com

angie said...

You are too cute! We also went for a forest walk by us on Sunday with our beagle pup...it was so nice to walk around in the sunshine!

Kelly said...

Such a cute tee! Love it.
We often take the dogs somewhere nice at the weekend, it's so lovely to have some sunshine to do so.
Percie won't go aware without his frisbee at the moment so it's always open ground for us!
L&L look very cute wandering around.

Becca Mace said...

oh if only you lived near me and we could have a pug meet!
Beautiful puggys - sunny walk days are the best

loving the pug life tee too!


Chloe Turner said...

Your pugs are to die for so so cute!

Chloe xxxx


A Pocket full of Dreams said...

Oh I totally agree Victoria-I was so frustrated this weekend not being able to get out (still recovering from my knee surgery)! Can't wait to start walking the dogs again along the beach!

Loving the t-shirt :) xx

Marsa said...

ahhh your pugs are so cuute! :)
would it be weird for me to get that shirt even though i don't have any pugs? haha

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Becca said...

Lovely photos! Your pugs are adorable.

beccaclare.blogspot.com xo

Katie said...

Your dogs are too cute!

Kotryna Bass said...

oh you guys are the cutests! love your blog so much!

The Caked Crusader said...

I am so jealous of your gorgeous doggies!

Emma George said...

Your pugs are just the cutest. Jelous is an understatement.



em said...

Is that wickersley woods you're in there?

Victoria said...

@em - Certainly is :)

em said...

Ah. I thought it was. I grew up in wickersley & My parents & bro still live there so we dog walk a lot in those woods and
My bro has a bar there too, JRs in the courtyard by the masons!