Top picks: Christmas jumpers.


I have seen a fair few Christmas jumpers in the shops and have been itching to get one to wear over my festive break, but there are so many to choose from. Get a cheap one from Primark or push the boat out and get the beautiful pink and cream Ted Baker creation from John Lewis?! That is the question!

Although, I am a sucker for anything emblazoned with Pugs on so perhaps the green ASOS number is the one!

Have you got your Christmas jumper yet?

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jessica rose said...

This jumpers are perfect for Crimbo...although I do look REALLY trashy OTT just for Crimbo!

daisychain said...

there are so many amazing jumpers about this year, I want them all! xx

Sophie said...

I definitely think you should get the pug one! It's amazing and so you ;)
I bought my Christmas jumper from Primark the other day - went cheap and cheerful as I figured you only get to wear it a couple times a year! Love mine - it's a penguin with 3D carrot nose and scarf :) My friend got one which plays music, ha ha xx

Emskibeach said...

I love you so much for this post - I had an email at work to say that our office is doing a christmas jumper day to raise funds for cancer research and I don't have a christmas jumper yet - this is just what I needed :)

Maisy Meow said...

I love the Ted Baker one, which it wasn't so pricey!


katie said...

I've got the Dorothy Perkins polar bear one! We're wearing Christmas jumpers out to lunch on Christmas eve (because we're cool obviously...) but I wanted a fairly normal one that I could wear as an everyday winter jumper. The polar bear one is quite cute!


Fran Leanne said...

Oh my god that River Island one with the fluffy collar....NEEED!!!!


Leeanne said...

There's so many lovely Christmas jumpers around this year


Naghmeh said...

The one with the little chick in the first row and the golden reindeer are my favourites. Really cute picks :) I would just get a cheaper one so I can get a new one every year haha

Steph B said...

Thanks Victoria for doing some research for me :-) I want to pick up a Christmas jumper for when I get off my flight eep! so excited! x