Crafting, chowder and carrot cake.


On Saturday my friend and I made time for a spot of crafting and lunch. We went to Fired Arts in Sheffield where I wimped out on pottery painting as per usual and went for the easier option of decopatch.

I really wanted to do a pot for my makeup brushes but they didn't have anything that fit the bill so I went for the next best thing - a plant pot! I thought it would look nice on our kitchen windowsill housing our basil plant.

My friend opted for a rather smashing pair of Christmas tree baubles in red and gold.

Lunch was so good. We went to Fancie on Ecclesall Road, as it's only a short drive from Fired Arts, where we both went for the soup of the day, sweetcorn chowder. Oh my, it was so tasty and came with a huge chunk of bread and butter for dipping.

We shared a portion of sweet potato wedges, had a pot of tea a piece and took cake home for our fellas (ahem.. and ourselves..) The carrot cake was nice but I wouldn't order it again, although Jonathan was very happy with his lemon and raspberry cupcake which I was a tad jealous of!

I'd go back for the sweetcorn chowder in a second. It was completely and utterly scrumptious!

cross stitch jumper - M&S / black jeans - River Island / jacket - H&M
Joselin boots by Ugg Australia - c/o Sarenza

It was positively freeeezing outside so I wrapped up warm in a new jumper, jeans and a new pair of Uggs. If only I could hold onto a pair of gloves for more than two minutes and find my favourite beanie hat I would be set!

When I got home there was only one thing for it after all that crafting and food: a nap!

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Please may I? said...

Great looking pot and saucer and the baubles look amazing.

What a nice thing to do.

X x

Leanne Marie said...

I might look into seeing if there is anything like this near me to do! It looks like a nice trip out!

Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

Sophie said...

The sweetcorn chowder sounds so good - just my cup of tea! And mmm, sweet potato wedges :) Sounds like a lovely day, and both yours and your friend's creations are beautiful! xx

Bella Coco said...

Looks like you had a fab day. Love the uggs xx

Beccy said...

Sounds like a lovely day, the cake looks delicious! Love you'd jumper as we'll. I went to a pottery paint place with my friends and my attempts weren't particularly artistic!

Kelly G said...

Love those boots! Gorgeous. And look so snuggly.
Both efforts of painting pottery look really good. Love the baubles.

rovinglights said...

Beautiful! I particularly love the blue and silver bauble. I'm also very jealous of those boots <3

Hannah Firth said...

I'm obsessed with Fired Arts, it's the best isn't it? I always opt for the decopatch too! I adore Fancie but have noticed a lately that the food is better than the cake!

Hannah x

Cat said...

I want to decopatch! Must try and find a place in London...Love your boots, they look so snuggly.

Hannah Bee said...

sounds like a loovely day, LOVE the boots xo

carryoncreating said...

I'd really like to try Fired Arts! You looked effortlessly lovely :-)

carryoncreating said...

I'd really like to try Fired Arts! You looked effortlessly lovely :-)

Steph B said...

Looking lovely!! Boots look cosy. I quite fancy giving decopatch a go again I did it when I was 10 or something so been a while :-) x