Jacket in.


In this post I mentioned my love for my new ASOS boucle blazer with its fluorescent piping which always draws a comment or two when I wear it. That ASOS number, along with my new White Stuff jacket, are my current favourite things to wear.

White Stuff sent me their Pierrot jacket recently (which has since gone in the sale - here's the link!) and it's perfect for wearing to work with black trousers and a blouse, or on a weekend like my outfit below. I wore it out to dinner last weekend with black skinny jeans and a white top from good old M&S.

It's not really "big Winter coat" weather at the moment and I don't have many lighter jackets (i.e. to keep me warm from the car to the front door of wherever we're going) so these two are just right!

Pierrot jacket c/o White Stuff 

I like it because it's sophisticated, really good quality and I know I will get so much wear out of it.

The same goes for my ASOS number which was a sale bargain of £14. Sadly it's almost sold out now but if you're a UK4 you're in luck! Here's the link.

If you like this kind of thing but you're not a UK4 you could be in luck with this or this!

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Scared Toast said...

Oh wow, I love this jacket....you make it look so much better than the White Stuff model does!

- Lorna at Scared Toast x

daisychain said...

you've given me total jacket envy! xx

Sophie said...

Swooning over that jacket! Total envy!

Amy Liddell said...

The jacket is gorgeous, you look lovely

Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

R. said...

Does the ASOS fluoro jacket fit slightly big? Really tempted to take a gamble with the UK4, I'm usually a UK6 tops in most shops but they don't usually go down to UK4 so I wonder if this is slightly big I can squeeze into it..

Victoria said...

@R - It would probably be ok. I am a big 8/small 10 on top and I could have got away with the 8. xx

Hello Happy said...

The white stuff jacket looks perfect for good spring weather. I never have in between season jackets. Your hair looks great I these photos Victoria btw x

Shannon Rebecca said...

That blazer is beautiful!! Really wanting it now...

Shannon Rebecca | Fashion & Beauty Blog

em said...

For someone with as many coats as I have, I really struggle with this time of year jackets but this looks lovely.
Might pop into White Stuff on Eccy Rd this weekend (they are pup friendly too which is a bonus!) x

R. said...

Thanks - just to let you know that I got the fluro jacket in a 4 and it fits beautifully. I also ordered another jacket in a 6 and that was definitely too big and baggy around the chest and arms. Thanks!! I wouldn't have bought it if I hadn't seen your lovely pics of it!